2021・07・02 - 03
Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Season Finale Concerts
【普罗科菲耶夫小提琴协奏曲】苏千寻,余隆指揮, 2021年广州国际青年音乐周
苏千寻 陈俊珲 【贝多芬小提琴奏鸣曲第九号作品】2020年10月13日 北京国际音乐节 北京保利剧院
26 May 2021
Tim Homfray views a plethora of sonata performances on the BMF live streaming platform (12-14 October 2020)

Of course, someone had to get the great A major ‘Kreutzer’ Sonata op.47: Paloma So with Junhui Chen played a blinder, in a performance powerful, dramatic and compelling, the slow movement lilting and jaunty, and the finale joyful.

They were all first-rate, and it is perhaps invidious to single out one; but the ‘Kreutzer’ was awfully good.

Beethoven Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 9 – The 23rd Beijing Music Festival
Sibelius – Busan Maru International Music Festival
01 Aug 2018

Next in the program was Mendelssohn’s concerto in e-minor op.64 for violin and orchestra.

In the concerto the excellent leader, the 12- years old Paloma So, in her playing showed the highest degree of virtuosity.

In the girls sympathetic face, during her performance, there was not even a trace of fear.

It seemed, when Paloma was pressing tenderly her head against the violin during difficult passages, that she was dreaming. She was seeing miraculous dreams and was translating them to the whole audience through the music.

In the rare moments of break, judging by the expression on her face, she was completely submerged in the sound of the orchestra, looking at the invisible horizon.